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Rebuilding Your House, pt2

We all experience pain when bad things happen, but wouldn’t be great if that pain could be put to use? In this message, we explore learning how to ‘spend’ your pain constructively to help you.

Rebuilding Your House

Are you facing a difficult or painful struggle. Tune into our new series on healing and restoration. Sometimes we need to rebuild and regrow – Choosing Change is part one of our series.

Growing Your Gift, pt 3

Using your spiritual gifts is important…using them with the right expectation and purpose is essential. In this last part in a 3-part series we look at the expectation, the fruit, and the results to make sure we’re giving the most with what we’ve received from God.

Growing Your Gift Pt 2

Ever fish in the desert? In the same way using your gift in the wrong place can yield frustration rather than growth. Learn how to use your spiritual gifts…

Growing Your Gift

How would you feel if you bought someone a gift and it remained unopened? God gives us spiritual gifts He wants us to use…

Speak the Truth in Love pt 5

In the conclusion, we tackle how Love Never Fails…how can the Bible make such a claim? Love neither embraces evil thoughts nor rejoice from sin and Pastor Jeff shares how we can check our hearts in both.

Speak the Truth part4

Unfortunately, the recording for the meeting didn’t work. We will have to re-record it.

Speak the Truth part 3

What does it mean to rejoice in truth? When we speak truth what leads us, what takes center stage?

Speak the Truth in Love pt2

Continuing our series on speaking truth in love, we look at kindness. Love is kind…so how can we speak the truth in kindness?

Speak the Truth in Love

Speaking the truth in love – what does that mean? Can we speak truth without destroying the other person?


Grace is having a second chance, repentance is taking the second chance.


Mercy leads to grace – getting what you don’t deserve; a second chance; room to get things right. Grace is another critical part of the Christian life with a purpose.


In this first of a three part series we look at how mercy motivates and moves God to act in love. When we act in mercy it brings healing – to us and others.

Pesach, Part 2: Korban Pesach

The center of Passover is the sacrificial lamb, the Korban Pesach. Listen in as we compare how Jesus was like the Passover Lamb in his life and ministry.

Pesach, Part 1: Being Led

Do we trust God to let Him lead us? Are we willing to embrace who He has called us and defined us to be? These are some of the questions we tackle as it relates to Passover (Pesach).

Purim Part 3

We look at how God helps us through difficult or even seemingly impossible circumstances just as He did 2,500+ years ago with the first Purim.

Purim: Trusting God

Trust is never easy, especially in a world filled with treachery. Trusting in God can be daunting along with doing the right thing. As we get closer to Purim, we look at Mordecai as an example of a man who trusted in God and did the right thing, even when it got him – nothing, … Continue reading Purim: Trusting God

What is Love?, Part 2

What happens when hurt, anger, disappointment and issues arise in relationships? When we hold onto those past hurts part of our heart becomes unusable, like a ruin. We talk about defining, dozing (not sleeping) and renewing those plots in our heart…

What is Love?

What is Love? How can we promote and maintain healthy relationships?We cover four major elements of love and how they contribute and support relationships.

Hearing From God – Part 8

How do we know when God is speaking to YOU? We review three more common ways to hear and know when God is speaking to us.

Hearing From God Part 7 – Ways

God speaks to us in many ways but HOW do you know He is speaking to YOU? We cover in this two-part message the different ways God speaks giving Scriptural and practical examples to recognize God moving in your life.

Hearing From God – Fear of the Lord

When we talk about the fear of the Lord, we’re not talking about terror or harm but respect and awe. How does God relate to us through that? What if there’s something I’m afraid of more than God?

Hearing From God – Spirit of Knowledge

The secret things belong to the Lord but that which He shares with us…is for us to do His Word. God’s Holy Spirit relates knowledge and perception to us to help us get to where we need to be.

Hearing From God – Spirit of Might

Bob Ross once said, “Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you’ll know when the good times come.” It’s those trying times that we need God to speak to us with His Might and mercy…

Christmas 2021 Message

You’ve got ho-ho-HOPE and an encouraging, uplifting message on the gift of Christmas. We all want to be loved, accepted, and have meaning – Christmas reminds us of that through God’s gift to us.

Hearing From God, Part 3

God speaks in different ways to us – tonight we start to look at some of those ways in order to help you focus in on the “conversation in the crowded room”.

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