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Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance & 3 Things to Watch Out for: Ignorance • Indifference • Inaction – 35m

This Wednesday, January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s sad to see the warnings of rising anti-Semitism against the backdrop of current events. There is hope – things that you can do to help curb Anti-Semitism.


We had been praying for one our members, Kevin H., for a new job. During prayer it was said that the offer would come before sunset on Rosh Ha Shanah. He received an offer exceeding his expectations by around 2pm on Rosh Ha Shanah.

The rest of the story…

He later found out, that shortly after he left, the entire project (from his old job) had to be shutdown due to everyone on the team coming down with COVID. He had been sent home to prepare for his new job just in the nick of time to avoid catching it.