“This [hope] we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”
– Hebrews 6:19

…there is a plan, a purpose,
and a Person who cares about you.

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Yom Kippur

We reflect on God’s love for us in the holiday of Yom Kippur by ensuring that we can be sealed – preserved – with eternal life.

Days of Aww or Awe?

As we begin a new year with Rosh Ha Shanah, it’s important to remember the Days of Awe and whether they’re Awww or Awe!We recount the blessings of the Lord and why we have reason to celebrate a new year with what He’s already done for us.

Rosh Ha Shanah – Book of Life

As we come to the end of another year in the Jewish calendar, it’s a time to close the books but where does that idea come from? Does God really have a ledger on our lives and what do the Scriptures tell us?

Setting Us Free

Jesus quotes Isaiah 61 in a controversial sermon claiming that the prophecy is fulfilled – what did Isaiah speak and why is it relevant to the upcoming holiday of Rosh Ha Shanah? Is there a common theme and how does it relate to our series on the Law?

Bearing Burdens

When Jesus heals a paralytic, he tells him to get up and carry his mat, causing an issue over the Sabbath. This week we look at the Law behind this concern and what the intent was and how Jesus lifts our burdens and give us rest.

The Law and Life

The Law of God is important but can there be a situation where there’s a higher principle? The Jewish concept of ‘pikuach nefesh’ or watching over a soul is mentioned in both the Old and New Testament to give us better clarity on applying God’s Word.

Oldest Trick in the Book

Ah the oldest trick in the book – be it the nose flick or some other prank, we can get distracted or fooled even when we expect it. We look the the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) – THE oldest trick in the Book and how not to fall for it in our daily lives.

The Law

We start a new series on the Law from the New Testament perspective, how and to what extent the Law is still active, and as believers what New Testament Law means for us.

Staying Connected

Do you feel distant from God or the things that you used to do seem harder or you’re less motivated to do? It’s not just a case of the summertime blues – we need to stay connected to Jesus. We look at why and how we need to be connected especially now.

Cultivating Joy

Are you feeling kind of meh when it comes to Jesus? When good things happen to your friends are you struggling to find the words to share in their joy? We look at why it’s important to learn to be thankful and happy for others in good times as well as bad.


God first reveals Himself to Abram as ‘El Shaddai’ – God Almighty. We look at God’s might and what qualities delight Him.

A Father’s Heart

Father’s are like superheroes – we think we have to be perfect in order to be good but even Superman had his Kryptonite. We look at how God relates to us as THE Father and how we as fathers can and need to relate with our families.

Wrestling Angels

How do we need to handle our struggles and problems? Do you think people in the Bible just had faith and smiled their way through? They were people like us and tonight we talk about how we can face and overcome our problems with Jesus.

God’s Plan

Why is God relational? There is a plan, older than the Universe, which includes you as a necessary part. God wants to redeem, relate, and restore our lives to His original plan.

God – The Trinity

We talked about how God is relational – he wants to talk with us. One of the reasons is it’s in His very nature as God relates to Himself. We look at examples from the Scriptures as well as in nature on God as Three yet One this week.


Talking to God – why? If God is so all powerful, doesn’t He know what I’m going to say? Tonight we talk about prayer – talking to God – why He wants to talk with us and how to do it.


Last week we talked about Heaven being our endgoal but sometimes life gets in the way. Obstacles are something we deal with every day but they CAN be overcome. We look at how to get past the things that stand between us and God.


Last week’s message on living the mission leads us to the question – What’s all this for anyway? Tonight we cover five things about Heaven that affect us now.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective