“This [hope] we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”
– Hebrews 6:19

…there is a plan, a purpose,
and a Person who cares about you.

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Maybe you’re going through a struggle or difficult time. Jesus had days like that too. We look at how life’s difficult moments become fuel for God’s greatness. He will strengthen you and help you.

Vineyards: The Vinedressers

Jesus shared in the last days of his ministry about the vinedressers as an encouragement to us about the kingdom and a warning to those who sought Godliness as a means of personal gain. God has given us so much and when our needs come up, we can rely on Him to provide and prevail.

The Vineyard: Part 1

When Peter marveled at the fig tree that withered with Jesus’ words, Jesus said “Have faith in God” but was He speaking about having faith to wither trees and move mountains or was He getting at something else?


Does God care when things get tough or is all we have to count on based on what and who we know? Purim shows us the loving, caring and miraculous power of God for our lives when everything is going wrong.


If your past keeps creeping into your present, or your present seems as uncertain as the stock market, there is hope. You need to know that Jesus is willing, able, and ready to help you – listen for more…

Judging part 2

When it comes to removing the log from our own eye or the speck in someone else’s, we all can learn a thing or two.

Treating Others – Judging

We start a new series on Treating Others, starting with one of the areas it’s so easy to stumble in – Judging.

The 3 I’s of Anti-Semitism

Ignorance, Indifference, & Inaction: As we are reminded with International Holocaust Remembrance Day last week, anti-Semitism is still a danger, but not just a physical one. Anti-Semitism is a spiritual sickness and needs a spiritual answer…

Waiting on His Word

Why do we have to wait? Whether it’s a need, an answer to prayer, or a word of confirmation waiting can be rough. But, what if there’s a reason or better, something we can do about the wait that’s great?

Choosing the Word

How do we handle it when God speaks something that challenges us?He speaks to establish our hearts and the vision He has for us.

Testing the Spirit

So you might be hearing from the Almighty, with what you hear. but can you be sure? Tonight we talk about how to test the spirits – holding, folding, walk, or run

Getting the Word

Starting the new year with a desire to see God do things in your life and speak to you? Here’s a quick primer on what we need to do and a few ways God may already be speaking in your life.

What Lies Ahead?

What’s next for 2023? It’s time to look back and reflect with gratitude at what the Lord has done.

Christmas – A Savior is Born

We have hope – God gave us a Savior for Christmas, but, what is a Savior exactly? Why should I care and is that really a reason to hope?

Hanukkah – What Do You See?

We look at John chapters 9-10 with the New Testament reference to Hanukkah this week. Hanukkah is a time commemorating the miracle of hope – God’s care for us in hopeless situations. It’s the festival of light that defines the truth that we are looked after and loved by God and His Son Jesus,

Serving Others

Thee First… putting others before self and focusing on serving others. That’s the model Jesus showed to build our ministry – but it doesn’t come naturally. We look at ways to consider others and be more like Jesus.

Thanksgiving: God’s Antidepressant

Sometimes we feel lonely, sad, helpless especially around the holidays. Remembering how much God has been there for us is a potent way to remind ourselves we have hope and help through Jesus.

Doves & Serpents: Think Different

When the world treats us poorly, how do we respond? Jesus wants us to honor Him, not our hurt. Tonight we talk about blessing instead of cursing and taking those hurts we’ve suffered and giving Jesus the chance to settle the accounts, now and in the future.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective