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  • A Deeper Walk
    A deeper walk with God begins with being honest – with the Lord and ourselves. We’ll talk about the ‘lesson of the Golem’ and how a classic Jewish fable ties into some practical Scriptural truth.
  • Hanukkah & New Year
    Hanukkah shows Jesus’ identity as well as an opportunity to shine hope on those in need.
  • A New Hope – Part 7
    Recently, I lost a dear friend and began to think on some important questions about life. Why don’t we think about these things more often, especially when they seem to make everything clearer? You can find purpose and fulfillment with your life – listen in to find out more.
  • A New Hope – Part 6
    Overcoming all this craziness can make you wonder – is that all there is?Yes! Your life has a purpose – listen in to find out how to find direction and meaning; life is more than dealing with trouble.
  • A New Hope – Part 5
    When things get to be too much, it’s easy to let things get out of hand. Nobody’s perfect but there is hope – a quick refresher on repentance will help you keep those moments from making mountains out of molehills.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective