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  • Shavuot – Part 1: Steadfast
    Shavuot offers a reminder that there is a new identity in God waiting for us and to take heart in even the smallest changes.
  • Determination
    Where’s God in my circumstances?! That what Naomi in the Book of Ruth cried out in frustration. When we deal with things in life that don’t go our way, the Bible gives us steps how we can find God and solutions.
  • Trusting the Process
    Forgot to hit the record button tonight! Patience is something we all need help with. We talk about the two processes: Redemption or Justice in how we react in our everyday life.
  • Pesach Sheni – Second Chances
    In an average human life, there are 30,000 days – give or take. Doesn’t sound like a lot (especially when you think how far along you might be in that range). But when you consider that each day…every day is a second chance to be kinder, braver, better – it’s a different context. Pesach Sheni … Continue reading Pesach Sheni – Second Chances
  • Take Up
    This week we look at taking up the armor of God and how the previous week’s discussions help us to not just observe but act.

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