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  • Purim: Trust BEYOND COMFORT
    Purim reminds us of God’s mercy and power over circumstances. Where is our hope – in comfort and safety or trusting in the Lord?
  • What Masters You?
    What motivates or masters you – the reason you get things done?We’ll look at Michal and Abigail to see what motivated them and led to two different outcomes with David and their lives. It’s all about what masters us and our priorities.
  • Relationships
    Three keys to building relationships that will last longer than the chocolates and flowers you bought.
  • Mercy
    Mercy is something we need to keep us on track to reach God’s destination in our lives and calling. We look at passages in both Old and New Testament how the response to mercy is more than gratitude.
  • Holocaust Remembrance
    This Wednesday, January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s sad to see the warnings of rising anti-Semitism against the backdrop of current events. There is hope – things that you can do to help curb Anti-Semitism.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective