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  • Take Up
    This week we look at taking up the armor of God and how the previous week’s discussions help us to not just observe but act.
  • Holocaust Remembrance
    This week we take a moment to reflect on the Holocaust and it’s impact and why remembering matters. We also look at how God can sustain us through unimaginable difficulties in life through humbling ourselves.
  • Pesach – Part 3
    Finishing our series on Pesach we talk about the hope the Jesus brings today and look at the example from the Road to Emmaus.
  • Pesach – Part 2
    The Korban Pesach – the sacrificial lamb of Passover is the centerpiece to the conversation of deliverance, freedom, and hope. Tonight we look at four ways Jesus represents the Korban Pesach.
  • Pesach – the seder meal
    Pesach – Part 1. As we approach Passover/Easter in a few weeks we focus on the Seder meal and how it shows us the importance of repentance, following God, and the hope of a life free from slavery and bitterness.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective