“This [hope] we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”
– Hebrews 6:19

…there is a plan, a purpose,
and a Person who cares about you.

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Serving Others

Thee First… putting others before self and focusing on serving others. That’s the model Jesus showed to build our ministry – but it doesn’t come naturally. We look at ways to consider others and be more like Jesus.

Thanksgiving: God’s Antidepressant

Sometimes we feel lonely, sad, helpless especially around the holidays. Remembering how much God has been there for us is a potent way to remind ourselves we have hope and help through Jesus.

Doves & Serpents: Think Different

When the world treats us poorly, how do we respond? Jesus wants us to honor Him, not our hurt. Tonight we talk about blessing instead of cursing and taking those hurts we’ve suffered and giving Jesus the chance to settle the accounts, now and in the future.

Doves & Serpents: Hospitality

Knowing the difference between needs and opportunities. Our hospitality and being part of a community are crucial to building our faith and exercising His love.

Hope Tribulation Prayer

Building ourselves up takes hope, patience and prayer. But where is our hope, what fuels patience when we face struggles, and how to we carry on until we see victory?

Affection & Preference

God calls us to be kindly affectionate and to honor each other. But it doesn’t always go that way – why? We need to move the obstacles out of our heart and make room for God to move.

Love Without Hypocrisy

Our new series begins in Romans 12:9 to “love without hypocrisy” but what does that mean? How can we guard our actions with sincerity?


Sukkot is a time to reflect on God fulfilling His promise and start a fresh new year.

Yom Kippur

The Jewish New Year sets the tone for second chances and being sealed for a new year, but is there something we can take away from this?

Seek First the Kingdom

We all have needs but putting God first and being right with Him is our first need. Listen as we talk about the power of putting the Kingdom of God first in our hearts and lives.

Rebuilding Your House – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the final topic in our series and it’s essential to walking free of our pain. It’s the measure of our trust and His Lordship over our pain.

Rebuilding Your House, pt2

We all experience pain when bad things happen, but wouldn’t be great if that pain could be put to use? In this message, we explore learning how to ‘spend’ your pain constructively to help you.

Rebuilding Your House

Are you facing a difficult or painful struggle. Tune into our new series on healing and restoration. Sometimes we need to rebuild and regrow – Choosing Change is part one of our series.

Growing Your Gift, pt 3

Using your spiritual gifts is important…using them with the right expectation and purpose is essential. In this last part in a 3-part series we look at the expectation, the fruit, and the results to make sure we’re giving the most with what we’ve received from God.

Growing Your Gift Pt 2

Ever fish in the desert? In the same way using your gift in the wrong place can yield frustration rather than growth. Learn how to use your spiritual gifts…

Growing Your Gift

How would you feel if you bought someone a gift and it remained unopened? God gives us spiritual gifts He wants us to use…

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