HOW we think is as important as what we are thinking about. We’ll look at how to check our spiritual attitudes before the Lord.

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Confidence & Hope

What are were doing all this for? Is there a purpose – a reason in spite of obstacles, circumstances? Yes, and as a sail and anchor safely get you to your destination (if you’re a boat) so confidence and hope help traverse life’s storms.

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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a chance to draw near to God and reconnect with Him as well as where we need to repent and make changes.

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Rosh Ha Shanah

What relevance does Rosh Ha Shanah, Yom Terujah, Tishrei 1st, or the First Day of the Seventh Month have to us?

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The Fear of the Lord

God’s desire is to speak to us in many ways – Isaiah and Revelations speak of the seven-fold Spirit of God. The last of these aspects or facets of the way He relates to us is through the Fear of the Lord. Fear from the Biblical word in Hebrew is a form of respect, awe, honor, consideration. It calls us to consider adjusting our behavior and attitude in light of how we relate. Notes from the meeting are below:


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