REDEEM is a ministry located in southern New Jersey. Our ministry highlights Jewish history, thinking, insight, and perspective with the harmony of both Old and New Testament. We explore the nuances of Jewish expression in the Scriptures to better appreciate the context of what is said without attempting to change its meaning. In other words, symbolism and allegory never change the literal meaning of the Scriptures.

What REDEEM can mean for you?

A chance to connect the Lord and see His power in your everyday life – practically. We provide a host of recorded sermons to encourage you and point you to the One who can make a real difference – Jesus Christ. Using technology, we reach people who ordinarily don’t have the means to participate in a local church via our Friday evening services. 

About Pastor Jeff

Jeff gave his life to Jesus at the age of 16 after a life practicing witchcraft and other religions left him empty and searching for more. A Bible study around the corner run by a Jewish pastor was the target of his mocking and belittlement until he was confronted with the reality of Jesus, sin, and eternity.

He grew in the Lord thanks to a selfless high school principal, Dave Sandowich from Haddon Heights High School, who led an afterschool Bible study. In 1987, he joined Church of the Messiah (now called Living Hope Christian Church) and served the congregation being ordained as a Deacon, then set in as an Ordained Minister and Pastor in 2000.

In 2001-2002, Pastor Jeff and his family served the Antioch Churches & Ministries network administratively.

Pastor Jeff has helped run ministries for children’s Sunday school (SuperChurch), teenage (Youth Ablaze), College/Young Adult (the Group), and men’s ministry (Manistry). He has discipled several young men into their calling and provided Biblical counseling over the past two decades. He also served as the storyteller for this year’s (2022) VBS for Luz Para o Mundo church in New York City helping the congregation reach dozens of children for Christ.

He has ministered at churches both local and across the country to churches, messianic jewish synagogues, and the Katz Jewish Community Center. He has also ministered online reaching and helping people across the US and Canada.

Pastor Jeff was the first Gentile member of the Katz Jewish Community Center’s Men’s Club to hold “Patron” membership.

Jesus with a Jewish perspective

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