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Staying Hungry…

Twelve years ago, we started with a question:

“Why do some people grow in the Lord and change, but others drift away?”

Recently, I heard an answer to that question:
“You have to stay hungry for the things of God”

What keeps us hungry? What does that even mean?

  • Physical “hunger” can be in our heads sometimes; we’re not in “hunger” we’re simply “hungry”
    • People eat out of stress, extreme emotional need, and boredom
    • While satisfying, it comes from habit. Something else is driving that need
  • Isn’t hunger for the Lord a good thing?

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God’s Definition of Success

The stress for success is something present in our everyday life: working towards performance goals, getting the best deals, even achieving a new high score on your favorite video game, we continually strive for something more than what we are.

There’s always a mountain to climb, just make sure it’s the right one BEFORE you get to the top.

That’s OK to a point but when that becomes the end goal, we lose sight of WHY we’re trying to be better. What hole are we trying to fill by achieving that ‘something’ be it a title, a number, or a thing? Continue reading God’s Definition of Success