Staying Hungry…

Twelve years ago, we started with a question:

“Why do some people grow in the Lord and change, but others drift away?”

Recently, I heard an answer to that question:
“You have to stay hungry for the things of God”

What keeps us hungry? What does that even mean?

  • Physical “hunger” can be in our heads sometimes; we’re not in “hunger” we’re simply “hungry”
    • People eat out of stress, extreme emotional need, and boredom
    • While satisfying, it comes from habit. Something else is driving that need
  • Isn’t hunger for the Lord a good thing?

  • Yes, but if that hunger can be quenched if something else is motivating it
  • We’re “hungry” but not in “hunger”
  • Our pursuit can be fair weather, temporary,
    or shut off when a more carnal motivator is appeased

If I’m motivated to seek God because He tells me I’m awesome and that’s all I ever hear, that can be taken away with one correction or lack of approval. It’s not genuine hunger. My need to be approved/appreciated/accepted is driving my hunger for God. Once that’s satisfied, so is my pursuit.

Long Term Hunger Effects (Natural)

  • Reduced activity/motor skills
  • Inhibited growth
  • Reduced motivation to explore/learn
  • Reduced interaction with others (social) esp. family

Long Term Hunger Causes

  • Lack of consuming food (not necessarily access)
  • Eating only one type of food group (lack of balance)

Spiritual Hunger Causes

  • Receiving one type of personal ministry or focus without any challenge to change, serve, repent, demonstrate mercy/compassion/love, forgive, etc.
  • Not pursuing personal prayer, study, and fellowship time

Long Term Spiritual Hunger Effects

  • Reduced activity that is kingdom focused or participatory in the church
  • Inhibited personal growth in the Lord
    (pursuit/followup of personal call, development, serving)
  • Reduced motivation to seek His Will

How to address it?

  • Look at where you spend time
    • Are you spending any and what priority does it have
    • Is it an afterthought (when all else is unavailable or when forced out of responsibility)
    • Is it something you look forward to or just a checkbox
    • Where do you spend the most time? why – what does doing that do for you?

  (these are not meant to condemn the activity, merely understand it’s influence)

  • Where can you get that kind of satisfaction from the Lord?
  • What would that look like?


  • Your stomach needs to be coaxed back into normal use after a long fast and your spirit needs yield to regular discipline — gradually and consistently

Keep it Balanced

  • Read several areas (personal correction/application [where do i need to change], inspiration/affirmation/promises, knowledge)

Keep it SOCIAL

  • Eating is best done with those you care about and love;
    spend time together sharing a ‘meal’ of Scripture

    • What it meant to you
    • What you saw
    • What others think about it
    • Where it could be applied practically in everyday life

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